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Been watching a lot of series during the holidays and finally got some Inso to draw. Back to my favorite color combo.



During my work at Modo eyewear I took some quick photos for their brand eco-eyewear’s social media. We didn’t end up using most of them since they decided to go in a different direction for their social media. But I still liked how they turned out and how the product looks, since I normally don’t take photos of people. So here is a few examples, photographed and edited by myself.

The thought behind the mini shoot was to make it look like a repost from the models own social media account. Make it look personal and youthful. All copyright belong to Modo.



Illustrations made in PS, and the inspiration I used for the campaign concept for September-October 2019 for Adlibris.


Book Cover II

”Tjuven från Hjärtum” is another book cover design I made while working for Type & Tell (Adlibris). Copyright belongs to the Author.

For this cover I had free hands except for inserting the image ”Fångrulla 1885” that you can see on the back. My idea was to create a personal cover that enhance the story but with a modern twist. I found different images that I have put together to create the front cover, to illustrate the main character. I also played a little bit with the typography on the cover, and the color of the typography which i think looks great with the image behind.


Book cover I

”Livet som en dyslektiker” Book cover design I made while working for Type & Tell (Adlibris). Copyright belongs to the Author.

I loved making this. I had free hands and went with something simple but playful at the same time. Made a couple of color examples but we decided on this in the end which fits the author and the book perfect. Having dyslexia can have many colors and layers.


Under the moon

Long time since I have drawed something, I forgot how much I love drawing just for me.

Under the moon


I promised to write down the recipe to Swedish kladdkaka to my two friends from Germany, and I couldn’t resist making something extra out of it! (I don’t own the rights to the photo)


Dukade Bordet

For iPiccolo I designed the whole graphic profile and the website for their concept called Dukade Bordet. Release was during the fall of 2018.

Graphic profile, concept design for the site and some of the ending visuals (content, and some html etc) after the IT department had programmed everything. Marketing materials, print, blog design (layouts), product photography and taking part in which products and how to style them for environmental photos.

Below you can see the hand written logo, the homepage of the site, desktop and responsive. The introduction folder and envelope with my handwriting and design and an example of a blog post also with a handwritten sentence at the bottom.

Copyright belongs to iPiccolo. And photos in blog post image belongs to Day Home.