Anna Koivumäki | CRU
Art, graphic design, illustration, posters, design, pattern


For iPiccolo I was given the task to create the graphic profile for their brand CRU-crystal glasses.

I designed the logo, the pattern that covers the currently five different packages are hand drawn from the beginning and then edited in illustrator. The five different sorts are, White-wine, Red-wine, Champagne, water and beer. I also designed the metal lid that goes on all the packages. The idea for the pattern was my own since I had free hands on the design. I also took all the product images showing on Dukade Bordet, and came up with the idea on how they should look (with the fabric behind). Coming with every package is also a 9cmx9cm double sided folder that I designed, and also choose what kind of paper it should be printed on. Together with the product owner we decided on what kind of package, that we should have a metal lid/bottom, blue bubblewrap papper, a sticker holding the bubblewrap together and the placement of the logo on the glas foot. When leaving the company I made a graphic manual for how to use all the material I have created.

Below you can see the logo, one of the product images showing three of the glasses together, the folder. Two of the packages (white wine and red wine), images showing the logo on the foot of the glas and a close up on the lid.

Copyright belongs to iPiccolo.