Anna Koivumäki | Dukade Bordet
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Dukade Bordet

For iPiccolo I designed the whole graphic profile and the website for their concept called Dukade Bordet. Release was during the fall of 2018.

Graphic profile, concept design for the site and some of the ending visuals (content, and some html etc) after the IT department had programmed everything. Marketing materials, print, blog design (layouts), product photography and taking part in which products and how to style them for environmental photos.

Below you can see the hand written logo, the homepage of the site, desktop and responsive. The introduction folder and envelope with my handwriting and design and an example of a blog post also with a handwritten sentence at the bottom.

Copyright belongs to iPiccolo. And photos in blog post image belongs to Day Home.


Branding, Design, Graphic design, Layout, Nature, Photography, Typography